One Minute Behavior Predictor"           Online Version: Click to Purchase

D-Picto" Facial and Vocal Mannerisms

One minute activities suggested in the book, One Minute Manager (Blanchard, Johnson, 1988) emphasized meaningful time periods in which to promote growth experiences.

The recent appraisal of self-imposed time restrictions upon, particularly successful people, provides additional impetus for consideration of time (Pearsall, 2001, Toxic Success). John G. Geier, Ph.D. is included in this scientific and holistic effort to reshape methods that result in more efficient ways to work and live. He has, as part of a long standing contribution to behavioral awareness, developed a series of awareness inventories, referred to as "One Minute Predictors."


The first concept and online instrument is exceedingly powerful. Based upon the most recent research in psychoneurology, Geier integrates the cellular memories, into the awareness process of feelings, emotions, and passions that we can recognize in others÷through their facial and vocal expression.

Geier urges people to ask the probing question as they interact with others (silently) "What is going on here?" Knowing, through the use of the D-Picto Predictor, prepares for the unexpected. It is a most unique method enabling the user to:

  • Identify the rhythmic facial expressions and vocal mannerisms of others and gain greater understanding of their personalities.
  • Make a predictive quick scan with information available in one response to the inventory.
  • Use language that attaches you to the motivation of the person whom you desire to influence.
  • Release emotions that restrain your efforts and block your well-being with work or social associates.
  • Use the D-Picto assessment to identify another personâs behavior through their facial expression. The predictors show you how to influence the person; how to keep their attention; how to increase their receptiveness to you or a product/service that you are presenting; and how to build a relationship with them.