One Minute Decision Maker

Quality Action Decision Maker™

One minute activities suggested in the book, One Minute Manager (Blanchard, Johnson, 1988) emphasized meaningful time periods in which to promote growth experiences.

The recent appraisal of self-imposed time restrictions upon, particularly successful people, provides additional impetus for consideration of time (Pearsall, 2001, Toxic Success). John G. Geier, Ph.D. is included in this scientific and holistic effort to reshape methods that result in more efficient ways to work and live. He has, as part of a long standing contribution to behavioral awareness, developed a series of awareness inventories, referred to as "One Minute Predictors."


The Quality Action Decision Maker™ allows you to:

  • Use proven strategies and tactics that "quicken" decision-making.
  • Take a fast track to achieve work/life objectives while others appear to be frozen in their thinking.
  • Measure the intensity of your feelings to act, and to test the wisdom of a particular choice.
  • Learn that passion is the fuel to act on your intentions, thoughts, and convictions.
  • The Decision Maker Pak includes ten self-scoring response forms. Each form allows you to compare and weigh two decisions/choices. The choice that has the higher score you evaluate in relation to how your choice "makes you feel." A "feeling graph" is created with an interpretation that describes the energy underlying your choice.