One Minute Heart Codification

Heart Desire Index Report™

One minute activities suggested in the book, One Minute Manager (Blanchard, Johnson, 1988) emphasized meaningful time periods in which to promote growth experiences.

The recent appraisal of self-imposed time restrictions upon, particularly successful people, provides additional impetus for consideration of time (Pearsall, 2001, Toxic Success). John G. Geier, Ph.D. is included in this scientific and holistic effort to reshape methods that result in more efficient ways to work and live. He has, as part of a long standing contribution to behavioral awareness, developed a series of awareness inventories, referred to as “One Minute Predictors.”


The Heart Desire Index Report™:

Identify and unleash your true heart’s desire. Your Heart Desire is your primary orientation in your journey through life.

Heart Desire represents:

  • Inner Knowing. From your responses to thousands of unique life experiences, you select key desires that become your driving force or passion.
  • Outer Doing. Heart Desires are the things, ideas, and people to which you attach importance. They become your learning force in which you utilize behavior to satisfy Heart Desires.
  • Seasons of Life. Heart Desires reflect seasonal variations—a time to use introspection or self-examination.
  • Wisdom Building. Desires originate in the heart, and the beginning of wisdom comes from the heart.