One Minute Job Appraisal

Geier's DiSC Job Profile™

One minute activities suggested in the book, One Minute Manager (Blanchard, Johnson, 1988) emphasized meaningful time periods in which to promote growth experiences.

The recent appraisal of self-imposed time restrictions upon, particularly successful people, provides additional impetus for consideration of time (Pearsall, 2001, Toxic Success). John G. Geier, Ph.D. is included in this scientific and holistic effort to reshape methods that result in more efficient ways to work and live. He has, as part of a long standing contribution to behavioral awareness, developed a series of awareness inventories, referred to as "One Minute Predictors."


 Use Geier's DiSC Job Profile™ to:

  • Learn the DiSC language to describe the nature of the work or job for which you are responsible or your ideal job if you are changing jobs or just beginning to job hunt. DiSC is a universal language (D-Directive; I-Interactive; S-Supportive; C-Corrective) or communication that guides your behavior.
  • While the job is described with the DiSC language, the description is intended to show that all components are used, but one or more are utilized more frequently.
  • If it is a "D" job, your authority and emerging leadership is essential; if it is an "I" job, your verbal and influencing skills are needed; if it is an "S" job, your handling of specific details are required, and if it is a "C" job, your introspection and an orderly approach are crucial in fulfilling the needs of the job.
  • A short interpretation is provided.