Prosperity Code

We develop ourselves by how we invest the energy of our attention. Poverty of thought and material and spiritual success is a result of inattentiveness or being overly attentive to the endless choices we have.

In contrast to attending the parade that offers short sound bits and quick changes, the Prosperity Code™ includes meaningful discourse and contemplation. The Prosperity Code™ is an integral part of Aristos psychology, meaning: Toward the Best. This new term and the practice of Aristos, is a new science that blends with three relatively new fields of study:

  1. The first is psychoneuroimmunology (PNI), the study of how our attitudes and beliefs affect our immune system.
  2. The second field is energy cardiology, the field that studies the heart as a thinking organ with its own form of energy and intuition.
  3. The third is the field of neurotheology, the study of the neurobiology of spiritual experience and how the brain experiences a sense of the sacred when it pays full attention to the sources of healthy success.


John G. Geier, Ph.D. has researched and designed an awareness instrument in which you measure the degree to which your attention is similar to others, particularly those who apply what Geier calls: The Golden Archway or the emphasis upon CONNECTING more than COMPETING.

The Prosperity Code™, using a unique equation and graphic interpretation, provides you with a totally different way of attaining a successful life. It directly addresses the deficiency, doubt, detachment, disappointment that characterizes poverty of spirit and possessions. In contrast, a powerful energy law is introduced and a monitoring system of your prosperity progress helps to guide you in the power of attraction.